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Do you want to add a beautiful radiator cover to your living room that guards your radiator and adds a touch of elegance to the room? We have a unique range of hand-made radiator cover and cabinet styles for you to choose from – every piece is made to order, specifically for its respective home.

Exquisite made-to-measure radiator covers




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Our radiator cover ranges can cater for all styles and tastes, meaning we are sure that you will find the right radiator cover to suit your home and budget. Our beautiful radiator covers are exquisitely made and hand finished - excellent value for the quality they provide.


Each radiator cabinet is designed and constructed here in the UK, using the latest in computer design technology. All of our cabinets are built by hand and hand-sprayed. You can choose from our range of ornamental grilles, giving your radiator the perfect finish that is customised to your tastes.