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Our Saffron radiator cabinet adds that finishing touch to any room setting, concealing unsightly radiators and offering protection to children, the elderly or infirm.


The vent at the top of the front panel and the air gap at the bottom allows for natural convection to ensure the heat is dispersed efficiently. All our cabinets have radiused corners to the top shelf for safety and style.

Saffron radiator cover range

No matter which of our radiator cover ranges you choose from, you can customise your radiator with a grille.


A brass grille offers the ultimate in elegance to your home. An Old English grille gives that perfect traditional look to your room.


Saffron Price Range with MDF grille options, from £188.00

Brass Grilles available at additional cost.

Prices quoted plus delivery.


Customise your cover with a grille

To order a Saffron radiator cover, please call

01438 831 174